Aging is a spiritual journey.

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The Center Hosts an International Conference

We are very pleased to be hosting this Conference’s first time in the United States.  A slate of distinguished plenary speakers has been booked, and over 30 workshops, talks and poster sessions are scheduled.  Registration is open! Go to the Conference website for more information, to sign up for conference newsletters and to register, and to learn about the Los Angeles sites and special events that will make the Conference memorable.

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“Beyond Care” with Wendy Lustbader

Registration is Open!

WendyOur anniversary event with Wendy Lustbader “Beyond Care: Exploring the Glorious Adventure of the Spirit,” has been rescheduled from its original April date to February 2, 2016.  Wendy was one of the first presenters for the Center in its beginning  days, and it’s an honor to be able to have her come back.  Her  workshop reflects her deep experience in the field of aging and depicts  the potential for growth and self-discovery in later life, showing the  many ways the soul enlarges when we move through explorations that may  have seemed daunting earlier in life.  As an example, Carter Catlett  Williams’ quest as an elder to excavate a grief from childhood will be  presented through excerpts from recorded interviews and from portions of  her book, Glorious Adventure.  Grief and vulnerability can  become doorways to spiritual well-being, but we need to embark on this  adventure with an open heart and a readiness for discovery.  Use this link to register.