Aging is a spiritual journey.

There are few organizations that are truly self-giving.  California Lutheran Homes (CLH) is one of those organizations.  In 1995 CLH consolidated with two other not-for-profit retirement organizations to give birth to Front Porch. The Front Porch partners than made the drastic move to put all of their retirement communities into this new organization in an attempt to increase the ability of the new organization to have better access to capital, and also to attract significant persons in their fields.  Soon after the consolidation, CLH established the CLH Center for Spirituality and Aging, funding this project through the CLH Foundation.

In ensuing years, CLH accomplished the following:

  • In early 2015, through its Center for Spirituality and Aging, sponsored the 6th International Conference on Spirituality and Aging, bringing to Los Angeles persons from Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, Ireland, and the United Kingdom
  • Continued to support the development of 202(8) housing for older adults with cooperation with Caring Housing Ministries
  • Joined with other Front Porch partners to establish the Front Porch Gallery, which features art from southern California older adult artists
  • Was decisive in the establishment of the Front Porch Center for Innovation and Well Being, which partners with Intel and other organizations to use computers to assist in quality services to and with older adults
  • Supplied grants to Front Porch Retirement Communities, which are now a part of Front Porch, to provide charitable services and other items needed for the wellbeing of residents
  • Provided leadership with other not-for-profit older adult organizations to better utilize resources for the benefit of older adults outside the Front Porch system.

And now, CLH has provided the funding for publisher fees, as well as marketing costs for The Essential Spirit.

So I, as editor of The Essential Spirit, thank California Lutheran Homes for your faithfulness to serving older adults, your leading-edge of providing those services, and your generous support event for the vision of others.

Donald Koepke