Aging is a spiritual journey.

Sensing the Sacred

Sensing the Sacred
“Sensing the Sacred” was created by Nancy Gordon, director, CLH Center for Spirituality and Aging, for small groups of people suffering from advanced forgetfulness. In 2010 this program received a ‘Best Practices’ award of merit from the National Interfaith Coalition on Aging.

Rev. Gordon adapted a well-tested, Montessori-based children’s worship program to create a multi-sensory worship experience for people with Alzheimer’s and related dementias. The worship focuses on a biblical story told through the use of wooden figures, where the story, not the storyteller is the focus of attention. The story, which takes the place of the sermon, is told in the context of simple liturgical elements (greetings, blessings, prayers), scripture readings and familiar hymns. The story provides a way for participants to enter a Biblical story and to have an experience with God rather than hearing concepts about God. You can find more in-depth information about “Sensing the Sacred” in the links in the sidebar.

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